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Playground in Vietnam - Les Toupies de Can Chu Phin

School playground and shelter - 2014

Type: Cooperation - completed

Location: Can Chu Phin, Ha Giang, Vietnam

Team: Víctor Díaz, Benjamin Fossati

The province of Ha Giang is located in the north of Vietnam, next to the border with China. The region is known because of its mountainous terrain, where only a few roads connect the few villages between each other. Many kids have to walk on the road everyday and wait for their parents to pick them up in the middle of nowhere.

The project is a prototype for a network of playgrounds to be built all along the main 400km road that surrounds the whole province. Those playgrounds would become a place to play, wait and a shelter for the Hmong kids while they wait for their parents.

A crowd-founding campaign was set in collaboration with the NGO Plan International to design this prototype which was built in the village of Can Chu Phin, where the NGO was already working.

The project is the result of one month working with the local community.

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