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SaraPalomarStudio, Another Office of Architecture, is a young creative office based in Madrid and founded by Sara Palomar, in 2018. She has worked and collaborated with several national and international architectural firms . We are interested in architecture, art, design, sociology, technology and politics as a way of enhance and promote urban coexistence.


We design architecture and interiors, branding, exhibitions and products; we collaborate with other firms developing projects and providing graphic support, illustrations and 3d visualisation.


2020 - Big See Architecture AwardLandscape and Urban Space winner,  "Sava River Activities" - Ljubljana, Slovenia

2018 - Third Award - Ljubljana Forum Future of Cities Large Infrastructure Projects "Sava River Activities" - Ljubljana, Slovenia

2017 - Honorable mention - Nuevos modos de habitar: Manzana verde COAM - Málaga, Spain
2016 - Honorable Mention - Lüleburgaz Swimming Academy - Lüleburgaz, Turkey
2016 - Honorable Mention - Performing Arts Factory - Antalya, Turkey

2015 - First Award - Europan 13 Adaptable City 2 - Europan HR: Zagreb, Croatia
2015 - Second Award - Europan 13 Adaptable City 2 - Europan NL: Streefkerk, Netherlands

2014 - Honorable Mention - Fairy Tales BLANK SPACE - Despina: City of Desire

2013 - Shorlisted - TRANSITARTE - Ministerio de Educación Cultura y Deporte - Madrid, Spain

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