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Temporary Pavilion  Catch me if you can

City of Dreams Pavilion - 2016

Type: Competition - Second phase

Location: Staten Island, New York, USA

Team: Víctor Díaz,  Multiply

The pavilion is an evocation of one of those memories from our childhood: a large corn field, high enough to host and shelter an entire generation of adults who wants to revive a first hidden kiss, a game of hide and seek, a nap alone with just the sky, or a racing slalom through twisting paths. For one summer, visitors will come to discover or rediscover the joy of the corn field. The wind, the sun, and the winding path through the dense field will each time create a different atmosphere and maintain the wish to cross again and again this pavilion.

The pavilion will use winter sports equipment which are useless once the snow is gone. Slalom gates and security fences will be the main elements needed to create the pavilion.

All of the equipment is borrowed from a ski resort located 2 hours’ drive from New York City, from a place where it is not needed at this time of the year. Each slalom gate is composed of two pickets and one flag, and both elements are used in the pavilion. The slalom posts create the body of the pavilion and the stems through which the visitors pass. The flags create a roof and so shade the visitors; rippling in the wind, they reinforce the expression of nature. Eight bigger flag posts are used to hang 500 flags which crisscross the whole area.

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