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Temporary Pavilions in Sava River

Public facilities - 2018

Type: Implementation - First phase

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Status: Ongoing

Team: Sara Palomar, Openact

Expanding into the vast urban/suburban territories of Zagreb, Sava River runs through approximately 20 km adjacent to the city. Aiming to reintroduce the riverside to its inhabitants, the project examines four underused but critical sites and focus on the question of how intervention on four separate sites can have holistic effect to change movements and relationships of the entire river with the city. The project stands as an exploration of opportunities to experiment the effect of relatively small, soft and temporal interventions that are characterized by dynamism, immateriality, and indeterminacy. Therefore, the proposal introduces a framework of negotiation in which a constant conversation of the sites/their surroundings/programs is promoted through movement and exchange on/around the water.

As the medium of this exchange, activator structures will be swapped/interchanged between the sites enhancing the east-west connection of the city through river.

Consisting of nine structures with different roles and capabilities, the activators are pivotal for negotiation of programs, activities and goods in between the sites. By visiting each site and being carried through water, the activators foster conversation between the sites, convey programs from one to another, and adapt to the needs of the sites. While every single structure is able to host multiple activities through slight changes, combination of varying number of activators generate endless possibilities of events and uses. 

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