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Public space by the dike - Protodike

Europan 13 - Adaptable city - 2016

Type: Competition - Second Award

Location: Streefkerk, Netherlands

Team: Sara Palomar, Openact

The general concept tends to restore as faithfully as possible the pre-existing neighbourhood plan,  respecting the cantilever on the road side with activities and private gardens on the park side. The mix of these places with different characters offers a true duality answering to a living district.


The ground floor is also treated to ensure an engaging, pleasant and safe environment. The connivance between the buildings and the landscaping of the gardens is highlighted by using a crossing entrance hall that creates a place of passage between the two ambiances. The distribution plans seeks to take advantage of a minimum number of stairwells to create generous and naturally lighted indoor spaces in most configurations. 

The unitary expression of the facades, through the use of panels, allows the buildings to express themselves clearly in the context of a neighbourhood plan featuring different architectures. The side facades are treated identically to prevent the passage between two buildings being considered as an inbetween: The facade thus rotates all around the four sides. Emphasising different floors by the horizontal decomposition reduces the scale of the buildings. The play of nuances of the shades of the facade bring a vibration symbolising the diversity of the neighbourhood. The garden-side balconies create an interface between the privacy and the neighbourhood’s common activities and also serve as a visual filter with the built-up front.

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